Collaborate with us

Partnerships are the backbone of Landcare and the roots of Intrepid Landcare. We are open to partnership opportunities and actively seek to collaborate with local, state and national Landcare networks.

How to partner and work with Intrepid Landcare

  • Seek our programs and services in your community

    Check out the programs and services we have been delivering in other communities or contact us today on how we can work with your community.

  • Co-design with us

    We can help create something unique for your community based on the needs and wants of your networks. From local forums and networking events, public speaking gigs, to carefully crafted workshops aimed at supporting you to support young people in your community.

Benefits of partnering with Intrepid Landcare

  • Access Intrepid Landcare’s network and resources
  • Share ideas, knowledge and experience with like-minded people
  • Empower more young people to step up and take on what’s important in your community

Existing partnerships with Landcare networks

  • Landcare Australia
  • Lake Macquarie Landcare
  • Hunter Region Landcare Network
  • Hunter Local Land Services
  • Landcare Illawarra
  • Berry Landcare
  • North Coast Landcare Networks
  • South East Queensland Catchments
  • QLD Water and Land Carers