What does this mean for Intrepid Landcare?

Drought, fires, floods and now Covid-19. 2020 presents an opportunity for pause. Breathing space to reflect, rejuvenate and reach out to be in community in times of crises.

Intrepid Landcare acknowledges the unprecedented challenges and serious risks from the coronavirus. Given the unforeseeable trajectory and daily policy changes, to respond to the needs of humanity and the environment at this time, ‘Intrepid Landcare’ will postpone and/or transform events. Scheduled events including training, leadership retreats and youth engagement workshops will be postponed until we move into conditions which allow for safe work together. 

For volunteers and the broader community to remain safe we encourage local ‘Intrepid Landcare groups’ around the country to work together to make responsible decisions based on the latest information from appropriate authorities and local networks. This may include rethinking scheduled events and gatherings, with many groups moving ‘action’ online and using this time for reflection, planning and supporting each other through these times – Landcarer offers an excellent online space. 

We support and encourage ‘action’ that is safe and responds to government policy and insurance obligations, particularly social distancing. ‘Action’ could involve online activities, development of resources, designing of future projects, grant submissions, research projects and regular video/phone check-ins. This time could also be used to start a new Intrepid Landcare group!

It is important that everyone familiarises themselves with important announcements by trusted sources, such as: 

Intrepid Landcare is well placed to bring connection across Australia during uncertain times. Although we may have temporarily lost some physical freedom, we can still be creative, innovative and fun, while remaining connected!

We see this crisis as an opportunity for Intrepid Landcare and local groups to innovate and be forward-thinking in how we can maintain social connection and environmental action under challenging circumstances. This takes leadership, what Landcare is about, individual action on a collective scale to protect the most vulnerable.

It is important to note that as the nature of the pandemic changes, so will our expectations on how to best respond.

Landcare Australia, along with many Landcare networks have also responded in similar ways. For more information from Landcare Australia please visit their website.

We intend to host online social check-ins in the near future, to share ideas, resources and care for each other. Look out for updates on our socials!

Should you require any information please do not hesitate in contacting us