What does this mean for Intrepid Landcare?

Intrepid Landcare is well placed to bring connection across Australia during uncertain times. Although we may have temporarily lost some physical freedom, we can still be creative, innovative and fun, while remaining connected! 

For volunteers and the broader community to remain safe we encourage local ‘Intrepid Landcare tribes’ around the country to work together to make responsible decisions based on the latest information from appropriate authorities and local networks. This may include rethinking scheduled events and gatherings, with many groups moving ‘action’ online and using this time for reflection, planning and supporting each other through these times – Landcarer offers an excellent online space. Or host smaller, more frequent events! 

To help guide ‘Intrepid Landcare tribes’ or any Intrepid Landcare projects and events, we have included a COVID-19 risk management form on our Resources page.

We see this crisis as an opportunity for Intrepid Landcare and local tribes to innovate and be forward-thinking in how we can maintain social connection and environmental action under challenging circumstances. This takes leadership, what Landcare is about, individual action on a collective scale to protect the most vulnerable.

Should you require any information please do not hesitate in contacting us