Find a Tribe

There is so much stuff happening around the country, and it can be overwhelming finding something that speaks to you!

But if finding a like-minded tribe of young adventurous souls who are up for exploring and giving something back sounds like your jam, then you’ve landed in the right place.

All over Australia, Intrepid Landcare tribes are starting to spring up.

These are local groups led by young people who want to do stuff that matters for their local community and environment, but they are up for an adventure and creating fun inclusive experiences for new and long-term volunteers.

So whether you are looking for something local, or on the road and want to jump on a project, hit up one of our tribes today!

Connect with your local Intrepid Landcare tribe /
other environmental organisations for young people



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If you have an environmental youth organisation and would like to us promote you, please contact us. It doesn’t need to be called Intrepid Landcare, we are all about the sharing and connecting. We don’t believe in silos, egos, all that competing stuff, it’s time for change. The environment needs all the help it can get!

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