Start your own Intrepid Landcare tribe

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether you can start your own Intrepid Landcare

The answer is yes! Totally!

The next question is how

To kick start your own Intrepid Landcare, be in touch and share with us why you want to kick start a local group. You could be a lone wolf or part of a bigger pack, we are cool either way. What we offer is connection to support, we are here to help you grow your vision. You can catch us at

Let’s get you off the ground – setting up your tribe

You’ve found a tribe of like-minded peeps, experienced what Intrepid Landcare is about, and now you’re super pumped to head out into the world and start rockin’ your own Landcare thing!

Well to get you started, here’s some important info to help keep you on track, answer those tricky questions, and get you cracking on stuff that matters….

Download this neat little resource to use as a guide to step you through your set up.

Download these free templates

Ready to run a project and hit the ground running? Then these resources might be useful to help along the way.

Co-design for wiser action : Got an idea but not sure how to get it out of your head and into action? This workbook will help guide you get ideas onto paper, and paper into action. A great place to start if you’re just getting the hang of project design, and if you are working on a collaboration with other people and organisations.

Project design template : This template will help you craft your project in detail, keep all your contacts in one place, address safety concerns and manage your success and outcomes. Keep everything you need to know, who you need to contact, and what you need to do (including back up contingencies!) in the one place with this template.

Media release template : Download our media release template to help you reach out to your local media to promote your project. Once written this can go out to local newspapers, radio stations and other outlets to get the word out there, your project is coming and it will be awesome.

Model release form : If you plan to take any photos or film your event, you will need to get people’s permission to use it down the track. Download this form to help capture this info.

Volunteer registration form : While not compulsory to capture this on each and every volunteer, we think it is important that you capture details in case of emergencies and so you can maintain an effective database of your volunteers. Please note you will need to securely store any personal information of volunteers, so please check relevant privacy legislation and comply with these requirements.


How do University Intrepid Landcare tribes start

It can be a pre-lecture preso, or a spark of enthusiasm from a group of keen students that has then led to a university tribe kicking off. Usually the univeristy Clubs and Societies network is a great place to start. Established groups have pitched the idea of starting their own Intrepid Landcare club, submitted an application, developed a logo and started creating and promoting their own events on and off campus to help recruit student volunteers to go out and start working on cool local Landcare projects.

How do other Intrepid Landcare tribes start

Most tribes are born out of an Intrepid Landcare Leadership Retreat. Where we work with communities to bring together a group of like-minded peeps, and coach them through what it takes to lead on stuff that matters. How to get clear on what it is that’s important, how to take action, and how to bring others in on the journey. But this isn’t always the case and not the only way a tribe can form. Sometimes groups of young people are already clear on their direction, what they want to do, they reach out to us, tap into our free resources, and get cracking on creating an awesome network of young people doing cool projects in their community. Check out the existing tribes.


“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.”

― Greg Reid

Whatever your needs are to make stuff happen, we’re here to help, anytime you need us. If there’s something missing from the info above, and you need more help, reach out.

Join the adventure