Intrepid Landcare’s trademark is innovative bespoke solutions for youth engagement in Landcare. We know from our research and experience that many Landcare groups struggle with engaging young people. Our fresh, adventurous approach to youth engagement is what gives us edge to empower Landcare groups and other organisations to take risks to do something different when engaging young people in Landcare.

In the design and delivery of our programs and services, we apply our latest research and understanding of how young people like to care for and connect with the environment. Using our experience with the Landcare movement, we call on the experience of existing Landcare communities to support the development of young people entering the Landcare movement.

This means young people who come through our programs will be well supported and mentored by members of their community and more broadly, to lead on matters they are passionate about.

Our bright and brilliant team are extraordinary at:

  • Seeding Ideas


  • Connecting young people


  • Leadership retreats


  • Service by design


  • Workshops and guest speaking


  • Youth and volunteer engagement strategies


  • Coaching for young people


We can tailor each program and service to meet the needs of schools, universities, workplaces and organisations. We recognise that every community is different whether it be different culture, landscapes, concerns or needs.

We’re also a place for young people to connect. Our online platforms are where young like­ minded people can come together, share their ideas, experiences and up and coming events. Joining the ‘Intrepid Landcare Tribe’ allows for continuous access to ideas, support and the conservation conversation.