And that’s a wrap!

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Wow, what a whirlwind of a year we have had here at Intrepid Landcare!

We’ve now supported the start up of six Intrepid Landcare tribes across Australia, pulled off two crowdfunding campaigns, secured two major grants to kick start some exciting youth and school engagement programs, and met some pretty darn cool young people along the way.


This week we wrapped up our first year in business with our second Annual General Meeting, with people dialling in from across the country. The meeting was nothing short of inspiring and sparked some pretty positive discussion about the future. We would like to thank everyone who showed up on the line. You rock!

As the curiosity around what “Intrepid Landcare” is has grown, Megan mentioned in her update “we are not re-designing Landcare, there’s nothing different about what actually happens on the ground. The jobs are there and they need to get done, as Landcare is still repairing and transforming landscapes.

But what we are bringing to the table, is a new view of the movement through a completely different lens. Coming from core values of collaboration and connection, layered with adventure and exploration, our Intrepid Landcare experiences don’t recreate, they value-add. And this is what’s appealing to the next generation.

The magic is the connection to everything else, which is organic and manifests in ways that are important and relevant to each young person. Whether it’s connection to other like-minded young people, connection to culture, connection to nature, connection to adventures and epic scenery. Connection to mentors and potential employers in their profession of interest, or connection to an experience which adds value to a field of studies. At the end of the day there’s something in these experiences for everyone.”

Here here!

You can read our full 2015-2016 Annual Report right here to see exactly what went down this year.

And down to business, we would like to congratulate and welcome our 2016-2017 Board!

We asked our tribe to take the time to personally reflect on the year that was, and for us, this is what we have gotten out of the Intrepid Landcare experience…

Thankyou to all who have supported us and we look forward to working with communities across Australia in the New Year.

13308629_10153677241705866_6201825504857676240_o-1Megan Rowlatt // Co-founder & Chair, Wollongong NSW

What I’ve gotten out of being involved in Intrepid Landcare is a growing realisation that this country is full of intelligent, enthusiastic, passionate young people ready to take care of the Australian environment. And Intrepid Landcare is providing an accessible platform for them to do this. I am so proud of the young people who have stepped up to lead with Landcare and am stoked to be designing programs, and providing a mentoring and support role (where they need it) to enable their journey. May it be as fun, adventurous, hilarious and fulfilling for them as it has been for me 🙂

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-11-36-46-pmChristopher Brunero // Vice-Chair // Wollongong, NSW

Intrepid Landcare has provided a mechanism for me to share my passion for the environment and achieving real on the ground change. It has been a pathway to introduce friends to the environmental movement, meet new people with different perspectives and have positive, open conversations about the role myself and others have in the future of this world!

opt-RyanKellenRyan Kellen // Treasurer // Melbourne, VIC

Being part of an organisation which connects young people to the community and environment was a no brainer for me and it has been an absolute privilege working with such an incredible and talented group of superstars. Intrepid Landcare was the missing link to spark youth engagement and connection to stuff that matters in our environment and set the foundations for a sustainable future. Intrepid Landcare fuels my passion to inspire and develop others, shape and deliver strategies for the greater good of our planet and grow as a human being.

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-11-34-23-pmNaomi Edwards // Co-founder & Secretary // Gold Coast, QLD

Intrepid Landcare has given me the opportunity to share my enthusiasm and energy for positive change and meet many amazing people who are leading stuff that matters. It’s also given me the space to stop and think before I act to work out how to have the biggest impact through innovation.

IMG_0043Jesse Kenny // Board member // Gold Coast, QLD

Firstly, Intrepid Landcare is a heap of fun! It’s an energetic kind of organisation with a sense of adventure and a thirst for laughter. Who couldn’t be attracted to that?! It has given me the chance to see the challenges and opportunities of our environment through the eyes of other young land carers. With a growing member group of passionate change makers, the opportunity to collaborate on stuff that matters to us is always increasing. Intrepid is an empowering organisation to be a part of. It’s a meeting place for us young environmentalists to gather, so that we can lead on the stuff that matters.

optPeterPigottPeter Pigott // Board member // Berry, NSW

What I’ve gotten out of being involved in Intrepid Landcare is an experience in collaboration excellence personified, starting with the board, extending through new groups and members, and into partnerships. I wanted to be a part of a group that not only had a high level of aspiration and function, but that was willing to spend the time developing the relationships that would nurture and sustain long term outcomes – Intrepid Landcare has been just that.

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-11-19-00-pmJoshua Gilbert // Board member // Canberra, ACT

Intrepid Landcare has provided me with an opportunity to be inspired by motivated young people who want to make a difference in the world, particularly in terms of the environment. The network reaches all locations of Australia and all facets of the environmental movement, allowing collaboration and protecting our landscapes into the future.

And that’s a wrap.


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