Meet the team

Intrepid Landcare is made up of many awesome young people doing stuff that matters in communities all over Australia.

To keep the energy flowing there is a core team who collaborate with communities to design and deliver projects, events and services, and support and mentor young people to  get involved in Landcare. We invite and work with contributors who dip in and out, bringing fresh ideas, perspectives, projects and energy to Intrepid Landcare!

Together, we continue to explore creative ways to support young people to take action in their local communities, and step into leadership roles for the environment.

Our bright and brilliant team are extraordinary at seeding ideas, networking, facilitation and guest speaking, service by design, research and youth and volunteer engagement strategies. 

Here are just some of people working hard behind the scenes…


Annette Cavanagh

VIC // Chair // Board member

Annette is a botanist from north-eastern Victoria who is passionate about community-driven nature conservation. Her involvement with Landcare started with volunteering with her local group, of which she was the president for three years. This role instilled her commitment to help communities take action to address their environmental concerns and make a lasting difference.

To encourage younger people to step up for nature in her district, Annette co-founded Upper Goulburn Intrepid Landcare and has loved being a part of the growing connections and friendships that have since developed.

She is studying her PhD on Farm-scale Natural Capital Accounting to measure the benefits that natural capital plays in agriculture and further promote sustainable farming. Annette loves the peace and tranquillity that nature provides and hopes that, by sharing meaningful experiences in nature with others, it will be appreciated and protected by everyone.


Chris Johnson

QLD // Vice Chair // Board Member

Chris is a road ecologist whose passion for the environment comes from his long-standing interest in birds, in particular how their habits are influenced by people.

Specialising in integrated ecosystem restoration, Chris’s involvement in the field first began in primary school where he volunteered with his local catchment group to pass the time. The wealth of knowledge he gained form this experience spurred him to pursue a career in restoration and landscape management, and over the past decade has worked closely with many community groups and businesses across several projects to promote ecological sustainability and achieve balanced outcomes.

He has considerable experience in community engagement, in particular science communication and volunteer training and mentorship. Currently, his volunteer membership includes Brisbane Intrepid Landcare, Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee (B4C), Brisbane City Council, and Queensland Rural Fire Brigade. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science (Ecology & Zoology), Honours in Road Ecology, and is a PhD candidate at the Cities Research Institute, Griffith University. He works as a senior environment officer with Southern Pacific Sands.


Miranda Braakhuis

QLD // Secretary // Board Member

Miranda is an ecologist and conservation detection dog handler working to protect threatened species and their habitats. Her favourite place is in the forest, especially at night with a spotlight looking for greater gliders! She also loves hiking, camping, cycling, snorkelling…anything outdoors in nature! Miranda has previously worked in consulting and research, and in 2024 will undertake internships with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy in Cairns and the Conservation Ecology Centre in the Otways. She also volunteers with Dr Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots.

Having participated in the Yarra Ranges Intrepid Retreat in Victoria in 2019, Miranda joined her local group, Bayside Intrepid, before moving to Queensland and joining Brisbane Intrepid Landcare in 2021. She loves getting her hands dirty with like minded people and making a meaningful difference in the community.

Miranda is motivated to make the world a more just and sustainable place, and strongly believes in empowering the next generation through Intrepid Landcare events.


Jacinta Saad

WA // Treasurer // Board Member

Jacinta is an environment advisor in the South West of WA and has previously worked in consultancy after completing her Bachelor of Environmental Science.

She has a passion for wild, natural places and everything that calls these places home. Jacinta strives to share this passion by inspiring others to get involved in events that conserve and protect the environment, particularly at the community level.

After volunteering for various environmental organisations in her home state of QLD, Jacinta helped form Perth Intrepid Landcare when she made the move to WA. 


Beth Hamilton

VIC // Cross-Country Coordinator // Board Member

Beth, a self-proclaimed nature-nerd, currently works on a bushcrew, doing ecological restoration and vegetation management whilst finishing a degree in Environmental Science.

Beth helped form Yarra Ranges Intrepid Landcare, and particularly loves being involved in the project management and community engagement side of meaningful and fun environmental projects. Her passion for encouraging young people to learn about and appreciate the environment is infectious and motivating. Keeping humour on her side, she strives to make lasting connections and address environmental issues as a community. Beth wants to see the Intrepid Landcare community continue to spread the love and reach even more awesome people with Landcare and environmental action.

Beth loves to spend her time with her best doggo mate Jenny, growing veggies and anything that involves being out in the natural world.


Olivia Stansfield

NSW // Public Officer // Board Member

Olivia is a passionate enviro working on large construction projects across NSW. She completed her Bachelors degree from ANU in Environment and Sustainability and enjoys working outside as much as possible.

Olivia has been involved in Landcare for several years, starting her journey at ANU Intrepid Landcare at the beginning of 2021. She loves the way Landcare brings together people from all different backgrounds and connects them outdoors in nature.

Olivia is a big believer in small actions for the environment making a difference over time! She is a lover of all indoor plants and her collection is never ending. She loves trying to grow as many veggies as possible on her small Sydney balcony.


Jayden Gunn

NSW // Board Member

Jayden is a freelance photographer and passionate conservationist that specialises in Australian birdlife and vertebrate pest animal management.

He is a dedicated environmental educator and enjoys spending the majority of his time introducing people to Australia’s unique wildlife through digital storytelling paired with the photographs he captures.

Jayden possesses a comprehensive knowledge of avicultural husbandry and devotes much of his spare time rehabilitating sick and/or injured birdlife and also breeding endangered Australian avian species. He has an undying obsession with Australia’s Black cockatoo species and hopes to one day be a large part of their conservation.

Jayden has been an active member of Mid-Lachlan Landcare since 2011 as a volunteer and as an employee where he completed a contract in 2019 as a regional vertebrate pest animal coordinator in the NSW Central Tablelands.


Holly Gurling

QLD // Board member

Holly is a communications professional, working for environmental and regenerative enterprises and cooperatives. She grew up in-between London and Melbourne, part of a family who loves bushwalking and nature adventures.

Holly has worked for the not-for-profits CERES, Open Food Network and Bass Coast Landcare Network in communications and community building roles.

Holly enjoys community tree-planting, kayaking and long distance bushwalking and is a member of both Yarra Ranges and Gippsland Intrepid Landcare.


Errol Clarke

NSW // Board Member

Errol is a Biripi and Worimi man born in Taree, having lived most of his life in South Australia. He is passionate about restoration, revegetation and linking Traditional Ecological Knowledge with Western Science to enhance sustainability and biodiversity. Currently living in Armidale, Errol has a Certificate III in Horticulture, a Diploma in Conservation Land Management, has completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science and also has a Graduate Certificate of Management from the University of South Australia.

Over 25 years, Errol has gained extensive experience and qualifications in landscaping, environmental management, ecology and water monitoring and quality. With extensive knowledge of both terrestrial and aquatic plants, he has also conducted biological and vegetation surveys in metro and regional South Australia. He has worked in both the private and public sector.

Errol believes that if we educate people, they will participate. Currently working at The University of New England, he will be looking to recruit students as new Intrepid Landcare members and get more people involved in Landcare.


Megan Lee

QLD // Co-founder // Mentor

Megan is a nature-loving outdoor adventurer, with an obsession for sunsets, mountains and the stars. In her spare time you’ll find her camping, hiking or creating artworks that are inspired by the wild.

Co-founder of Intrepid Landcare – Megan is recognised internationally for her passion and leadership in creating innovative and inspiring ways of bringing people together to look after the environment. Megan is incredibly passionate about supporting young people to co-create the future they want to step into, and loves designing highly participatory and immersive experiences which inspire deeper holistic thinking, improved mental health and wellbeing, healing and connection, and sustainable decision-making and action. 

With over fourteen years experience in Landcare and natural resource management, Megan is super keen to support the next generation of Landcarers to connect with a movement that she feels genuinely makes a difference. She believes Intrepid Landcare is a amazing vehicle to facilitate that connection in unique and creative ways.


Naomi Edwards

QLD // Co-founder // Mentor

Naomi, from the Gold Coast QLD, is an infectiously inspiring community mobiliser who has a passion for beaches. She has been a member of the Landcare movement since 2006, is a co-founder of Intrepid Landcare, and has been instrumental in establishing youth opportunities for her friends and fellow students, and the wider community to get involved in Landcare.

She is passionate about inspiring change makers to be organised and embrace creativity in the way we engage the public in environmental initiatives. Naomi was awarded the National Young Landcare Leader of the year award (2016) and a Gold Coast Jewel Gecko award (2016).

Naomi holds multidisciplinary qualifications, Bachelor of Environmental Science, Honours in Communications, Masters in International and Community Development, Leadership for Sustainability Fellow at United Nations University, and is currently completing a PhD at Griffith University.


Peter Pigott

NSW // Mentor

Passionate about community resilience and bringing people together in intentional and meaningful ways, Peter has a wealth of experience and knowledge in working with youth, delivering intergenerational personal development programs, and connecting communities and networks through a range of participatory programs and events.

Peter has been involved in natural resource management and Landcare for many years, and currently works as a Disaster Recovery Officer with Resilience NSW.  

Peter has been instrumental in establishing and supporting food producer and Landcare networks across South East NSW, and is passionate about supporting leadership development in communities across Australia, and bringing the next generation along on the Intrepid journey.