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What is Intrepid Landcare?

Intrepid Landcare is a place where young people (late teens to thirties) can come together and create the change they want to see in the world. 

At a national level, Intrepid Landcare acts as a connector and enabler, inspiring and supporting local action to address some of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. Underpinned by an ethos of 'think global, act local' Intrepid Landcare connects young people to their local landcare community and environment where they co-create projects, adventures and experiences that they want to show up to, and address the issues that are pressing and important for that landscape.

This includes critical on-ground climate action such as regeneration of native forests and planting new habitat, Indigenous land management practices, and regenerative agriculture, to citizen science and ecosystem monitoring, threatened species recovery, marine debris clean ups and environmental education activities.

We know that there is a wealth of action, knowledge and wisdom in our communities in people who know landscapes intimately and have been looking after these places for a very long time.

We are passionate about intergenerational connection, working with Traditional Owners, knowledge-sharing, bringing like minded people together for social connections, and what good it really does us all when we simply get out into the great outdoors and share an adventure with others as we look after the special places we love and call home.

All of our projects, programs and courses are underpinned by collaboration and connection, helping communities to grow and thrive so that we can listen deeply, find creative solutions, and work towards a sustainable and regenerative future we all want to step into.

Find out more about how Intrepid Landcare works here.

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