Who we work with

We work with a diversity of supporters, partners and sponsors. This involves running leadership development programs in local communities to providing bespoke youth engagement projects that aim to engage young people in on-ground environmental matters. We create change with many.

  • Landcare networks

  • All level of governments

  • Youth networks, schools and universities

  • Local Intrepid Landcare groups

  • Young people

What this looks like

Landcare Australia and the National Landcare Network support us as we support them with a shared vision of a thriving youth demographic in Landcare. Peak Landcare networks in each state and territory have also been instrumental in our success and for some, they were founding-financial backers (thanks Queensland Water and Land Carers). Engagement with these networks also extends to supporting youth representation on boards, such as Landcare NSW. 

State and regional natural resources management agencies are core supporters and investors. We have worked with many government and non-government agencies across Australia to develop their capacity to engage and support youth engagement in natural resource management. 

Local councils and Landcare groups reach out to us to support them to build the capacity of local communities to engage young people. Youth networks, schools and university clubs also work with us to, again, build capacity for effective youth engagement. 

Local Intrepid Landcare groups, a natural extension of our vision for young people connected with their communities and caring for the environment, are our key supporters and backers. We work with local groups by supporting them to kick-start their vision, brand and Intrepid-inspired projects, and ongoing succession. They also contribute to the direction of Intrepid Landcare with open invitations to participate in annual board retreats. We also focus on building the capacity of individuals to become board members, project facilitators or speakers on behalf of Intrepid Landcare – this is our always-in-action succession plan. 

For some young people, joining or starting an Intrepid Landcare group may not be their thing, thus, we support them in other ways. We often connect young people to other meaningful causes, support them to attend conferences and promote their causes. We also take on one-on-one mentoring to build the confidence of a young person to see themselves doing stuff that matters. We support many young people in many ways. 

A key message we hear from all our supporters, partners and sponsors is the need to know how to engage young people in meaningful ways. How to create a safe space for young people to bring forth new ways of understanding environmental challenges and how might we address the unprecedented nature of the 21st century.