Sponsor a future Landcarer

All Day 15/07/2016 - 01/09/2016

Intrepid Landcare has a vision, and that is to drive innovative ways to inspire young people in Landcare.

But year after year, the Intrepid Landcare team and Landcare Australia, all hear the same issue of the Landcare movement.

The problem we have isn’t that young people don’t want to get involved, or that they don’t care; the problem is that they are not aware of the incredible opportunities Landcare can offer. Most of the time they don’t have access to attend conferences where they can access national knowledge. This is the challenge of getting more young people involved to continue the incredible legacy of Landcare.

Over the past 30 years, the Landcare movement has been dealing with some of Australia’s most threatening environmental issues. From restoring entire ecosystems, recovering endangered Australian wildlife, removing threatening weeds and pest species, and coming up with innovative sustainable land management practices in agriculture, to providing community health and wellbeing for people involved, Landcare contributes so much to what we value in Australia.

However, we risk the possibility that this amazing work may not continue in the future without the future decision makers of our environment, young people!

Here is your opportunity to give a life-changing experience to a young Landcarer

Intrepid Landcare has partnered with Landcare Australia to help address this problem, by offering a scholarship for at least one young person from every state and territory in Australia aged 18-35 years old to attend the 2016 National Landcare Conference!

The National Landcare Conference, happening in September 2016 in Melbourne, presents an opportunity to grow the number of young people attending the conference.

The opportunities for young people attending the conference are:

  1. Be heard – one of the biggest risks in having a conversation about the future of the Landcare movement, the Australian environment and agriculture, is having that conversation without the very people who will be the future decision makers in the room.
  1. Share some kick-ass ideas – we need to embrace and listen to what this generation has to offer. It all starts by supporting them to be in the room and grow their awareness around what Landcare does and where it can potentially go to continue to improve the Aussie environment for sustainable food and fibre production, and the future protection of Australia’s unique flora and fauna.
  1. Opportunity to network – what better way for our future Landcarers to learn and that is from our current Landcarers who have over 30 years of knowledge to share!

Where you come in…

We need your help to set up our Intrepid Landcare Australia conference scholarship fund.

We need to raise $15,000 to support at least one young person from every state and territory. They will be offered a scholarship to attend the 2016 National Landcare Conference, which will cover accommodation, travel and registration fees. In appreciation of this scholarship, they will be given the task to capture ideas and take home messages to form a vision for the future, and share these with a national audience.

The work that our Landcarers have done over the past 30 years is fantastic. Imagine what amazing ideas these young people can bring to continue the incredible legacy of Landcare and most importantly to our Australian environment.

Your pay-it-forward support will give a life-changing experience to young Landcarers and give the Landcare movement and the environment a lifeline for the future.

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