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It’s O-Week legends! And that means a whirlwind of activities, information overload, bombardment of clubs, causes, societies and planning your calendar for what you hope will be a nicely balanced 2018 infused with deep learning, enriching experiences, an epic social life, and perhaps some purpose-driven action.

We have two Intrepid Landcare tribes based on university campuses and there are a number of similar clubs and societies running awesome projects for students to connect to the world beyond the campus gate and do stuff that matters for the environment. This means hitting the community, looking at local natural resource management projects, getting your hands dirty and having a sick time connecting to like-minded people.

Meandering the market place on campus during O-Week can be pretty darn overwhelming. But if it’s the environment you feel drawn to, but you’re not sure which way, shape or form you might want to get involved, well be sure to check in with an Intrepid Landcare stall, because it’s stuff like this that can happen…

Words by Macleay Stephenson | UOW Intrepid Landcare Club

The time leading up to university final exams is stressful and many of us forget to head outside and do what we love most. So, last year University of Wollongong Intrepid Landcare and Australian National University Intrepid Landcare teamed up for an end-of-year event in Ulladulla to de-stress.

The team from Warden Head Bushcarers welcomed the assistance and met up with us on Friday afternoon (24th Nov 2017). On arrival, Kate from Shoalhaven Council and volunteers Mike and David joined with us for before we split into 2 groups, one group worked on eradicating an infestation of Honeysuckle Vine as well at some Formosan Lilies and the other group got to work on an area of Cape Ivy that had started to overtake an area on the edge of the reserve.

Before we started on the Cape Ivy however we were granted an impromptu bushtucker lesson courtesy of Shane and Fred Carriage of the Ulladulla Local Aboriginal Land Council! We tried some “bush chewing gum” and found some bush tomatoes, however they were green and not yet ready to eat.

With all the work done, we were fortunate enough for the local council to provide a campground for our use. We were able to kick back and relax at the campgrounds private beach. Searching the rock pools, we found fossilised shell fish and a range of sea anemones, red, green and grey and along the beach we saw a variety of sting rays!

On the Saturday we headed further down the coast to Termeil Beach. This beach is in Meroo National Park and surrounded by bushland. The beach was empty with only a few surfers, and one other group enjoying the serene environment. Crystal clear water provided a relaxing refreshment on a typical Australian summer day!

Meeting up with new people from a fellow Intrepid Landcare group was easy and enjoyable when you know everyone has the same goals, enjoys like-minded conversation and making a difference.

I am sure in the future we will meet up and do it all again!

Finding your own university tribe

No Intrepid Landcare (or similar) stuff goin’ down at your university? Looking for opportunities to do stuff that matters? Like… start your own tribe? Hit us up at and we can help kick start your ideas for the environment.

Promoting Intrepid Landcare at your university

Check out some of our simple branded images we have designed for you to edit and add your deets and logos (you can do this via Power Point / Google SlideShow). And tag us in your photos for us to share and cross-promote.

Find your tribe at O-Week and let’s do stuff that matters

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