Workshops & guest speaking

Anyone who needs direction, inspiration and motivation to make things happen for Landcare and the environment in your community our workshops and guest speaking opportunities just might be what we you need.

We can run workshops for young people and Landcare groups. These range from 90­-minute sessions to a full day sessions.

Different workshops are available:

Want what you already have: Map your community and resource pool and discover that you have the capacity to make change happen for youth and Landcare in your community.

Leadership workshop: Influencing change you want to see. Design an impact strategy to inspire other young people to act and lead with Landcare.

Firm up session: What dreams can be reached, what will happen and who will step up and lead on what matters.

With Intrepid Landcare, you have access to skilled facilitators with a deep­-grass-roots understanding of leadership and Landcare.

We love talking too! Our facilitators are also seasoned guest speakers that will make you laugh, cry and feel alive. Give us a topic and we will weave in our flavour for:

  • Embracing chaos / new ways of engaging
  • Volunteer engagement
  • Youth in the environment
  • The Intrepid Landcare journey
  • The future we can create with you

Recent guest speaking gigs:

  • Ipswich EnviroForum ­ Ipswich, QLD // 6th May
  • Victorian Landcare Forum ­ Dookie, VIC // 13th May ­ see link to Ross Colliver thoughts and thank you to the National Landcare Network for sponsoring us to be there
  • OEH Green Flicks Environment Expo ­ Wollongong, NSW // 3rd June
  • National NRM conference ­ Coffs Harbour, NSW // 5th ­ 8th June
  • North East CMA Forum ­ Wangaratta, VIC // 15th June

What they said about us

“I know that I speak for everyone who attended when I say that your contributions not only during the panel discussion but also in your presentation on Friday and throughout the weekend were extraordinarily valuable to our planning for a sustainable landcare future”Terry Hubbard, President of Victorian Landcare Council / Chair of NationalLandcare Network [our attendance at the Victorian Landcare Council Forum, Dookie]