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Intrepid Landcare recently wrapped up a crowdfunding campaign which was supported by the legends at Landcare Australia (who helped us promote the campaign) to get more young people to the National Landcare Conference. One thing we recognised was while we are largely missing young people out on the ground, we are also missing their voice at the table at state and national forums. We know how empowering it is to stand in a room with like-minded people who are all collectively working to repair the Australian environment. But we also know how darn expensive these things are and that this is a huge barrier for young people.

While the funds we hoped to raise were ambitious, and the dream was to send at least one young person from every state and territory, with the small amount of funds we did raise, and with some creative money juggling and smart logistics, we are sending two amazing young people from NSW to attend the National Landcare Conference in Melbourne.

And here they are, we’d love you to meet them…

Joseph Vile in Vietnam's Mekong Delta, where he worked with farmers on climate-smart prawn & rice production in 2014-15

Joseph Vile in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, where he worked with farmers on climate-smart prawn & rice production in 2014-15
Joseph Vile, Howlong NSW

Hey, I’m Joseph, I’m 26 years old, and I am really passionate about bringing rural people together to enrich local landscapes. I currently work on my family-owned sheep farm at Burrumbuttock in southern NSW, and have previous experience in climate change education for farmers in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. I volunteer as secretary for West Hume Landcare, which is beginning an exciting rebuilding phase after a period of dormancy. With generous support from Intrepid Landcare’s national crowdfunding campaign, I am excited to meet and listen to inspiring presenters and fellow Landcarers at the 2016 National Landcare Conference, and take away practical ideas and projects for my local area. I am particularly interested in methods to involve farmers who do not traditionally identify with Landcare or sustainable agriculture.

Follow Joseph’s Landcare journey on Facebook @Westhumelandcare and on Twitter @j_vile

Maddy out on a marine debris collection, just one of her many passions...

Maddy out on a marine debris collection, just one of her many passions…
Maddy Braddon, Lismore NSW

My name is Maddy Braddon, I’m 21 years old and I’m now in my fourth year studying Environmental Science / Marine Science and Management at Southern Cross University. I have spent a good chunk of my life in nature, and have always been connected to our amazing Australian outback, especially our breathtaking Gum trees, river ways and coastal landscapes. The opportunity to get involved with Intrepid Landcare came recently in the Northern Rivers and was one I jumped at! Having been involved in various tree planting days and Landcare community days, I already knew what Landcare was all about. When I learned that there would be an event targeting young people focused on adventure while planting trees and doing something good for the planet, I was straight in! I believe empowering young people to be leaders in their community is one of the best things we can do. My main passion is to work with the community to combat Climate Change – using science and on-ground conservation to do so. Landcare is one of the best things people can do to help strengthen our amazing biodiversity against human-induced threats, so from a scientific perspective, I really want to do more and continually learn more about how to engage others to do so, especially my fellow young generations.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend the 2016 National Landcare Conference in Melbourne this year, as this will enable me to meet like-minded people, listen to Landcarers from all over Australia speak about the incredible work they are doing, and hear scientists and other changer makers discuss community engagement, sustainable agriculture and climate change.

THANK YOU so much Intrepid Landcare, Landcare Australia, and all the donors who are making this possible for me, every time you lift a young person up to be able to make their dreams happen, you are creating a better future for Australia and our environment.

You can follow Maddy’s Landcare journey on Twitter @enviromads

We wish we could have sent each and every applicant to the conference, because they were all amazing! It’s interest and passion from young inspiring people around the country like this which gives us all hope for the future. Thank you to each and every person who donated and invested the next generation, and to all the young people who stepped up and applied to be part of the bigger picture.

Intrepid Landcare at the National Landcare Conference…

In the next week we will be gathering at the 2016 National Landcare Conference in Melbourne. It’s going to be the perfect opportunity for the Landcare community to think about how we support the needs of emerging leaders in Landcare. This is also an opportunity to meet and mingle with the people behind Intrepid Landcare and new Intrepids, and discover for themselves, how to package, brand and market the best parts of what Landcare can offer to attract emerging leaders for the future of Australia’s environment.

Where will Intrepid Landcare be at the conference?

Wednesday 21st September, 8:00pm – 9:30pm Networking about youth engagement and creative ideas in Landcare, at Melbourne Public, 11 Dukes Walk, South Wharf.

Thursday 22nd September, 2:40pm – Panel QandA with Naomi Edwards for Manpower Young Landcare Leader Award Presentations

Friday 23rd September, 1:30pm – Presentation, titled Intrepid Landcare: Embracing adventure, chaos and creativity to inspire and connect young people in Landcare

Come say hello! We’d love to meet you.

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