Package projects that punch

7:00 pm - 7:20 pm 21/08/2017

To empower the Intrepid Landcare Tribe to be organised and equipped for change we will be hosting Facebook Live Training Sessions.

Previous call outs, polls and feedback suggest that you are keen to know:

>> How to manage your time
>> How to brand and promote your projects
>> How to engage with media
>> Storytelling for change
>> How to find your tribe (e.g. community networking)
>> How to co-design and empower ownership in the process

Upcoming Live Training Sessions:

>> Monday 17th July, 7pm – Be organised to create change hosted by Naomi Edwards
>> Monday 21st August, 7pm – Package projects that punch hosted by Megan Rowlatt
>> Monday 18th September, 7pm – Engagement Pt 1:Find your tribe (the art of community network mapping) hosted by Naomi Edwards

Jump onto the Intrepid Landcare Tribe Facebook Group page to join the Live Training Sessions, post a question and get tips and ideas on how to make stuff happen!

See you then,
Intrepid Landcare