Leadership retreats

The Intrepid Landcare Leadership Retreat is our signature program

Hosted by local communities, Intrepid Landcare works with Landcare groups and networks to empower young people and existing Landcare groups to add value to what is already happening on the ground.

This could include kick-starting a local Intrepid Landcare group to ignite youthful energy to existing Landcare projects that produce ground breaking results.

The Intrepid Landcare Leadership Retreat caters for those who are:

  • Currently working on environmental or sustainability initiatives
  • Now ready to step up and expand themselves
  • Emerging leaders in their school, university, workplace and community
  • Passionate about the environment and creating change

What does the Leadership Retreat involve?

In the design and delivery of the Intrepid Landcare Leadership Retreat, we work with the host organisation(s) to package up a memorable experience for a small group of local young people who have willingly and eagerly applied to attend a two-day retreat.

Using our experience, and the wealth of knowledge of our host(s), we design the Leadership Retreats to ensure they meet the needs of young people and local communities. This means young people who attend the Leadership Retreats enter a well supported and thought out experience to enable them to walk through leadership spaces to be empowered to act and lead with Landcare.

The first day provides a taste tester experience for participants to discover Landcare and create vital foundation connections with other like-minded young people so they get to know each other. This includes intergenerational connection through strategic team-building activities with inspiring people in their community, involvement in a local Landcare project, and immersion in nature through outdoor adventure.

The second day is when we hone in on what the participants want to create for their local community. We take participants through the spaces on what is takes to act and lead with Landcare, and start to build their connection with local mentors and networks.

Leadership workshop: Influencing change you want to see. Design an impact strategy to inspire other young people to act and lead with Landcare.

Firm up session: What dreams can be reached, what will happen and who will step up and lead on what matters.

Our facilitators design and deliver the Leadership Retreats and bring their experience and expertise to the forefront to coach and carve a creative way forward for young people and Landcare in local communities.

The results to date, have been nothing short of inspiring.