Youth & volunteer engagement strategies

Our foundation, heart and soul is all about youth and volunteer engagement strategies for Landcare.

We bring our own experiences in coming from a place of being the only young person at a Landcare gig, through our journey to try and change this trend, and now successfully inspiring other young people to jump into the awesome world of environmental volunteering. We are passionate about designing youth and volunteer engagement strategies that make a real difference and engage young people in Landcare. And this is why we decided to unite our passions, experiences and expertise to take what we were doing in our own communities to a national-­level.

Past Projects

Megan designed a Youth Engagement in Landcare How­-To Kit for Landcare Australia, with the support of Landcare Australia and the Australian Government Department of the Environment.

The kit provides useful tips and guidelines on managing Landcare projects, with focus on how to engage the 18­35 demographic, and of course those who may not fall into this but are still young at heart!

The Intrepid team is skilled youth and volunteer engagement facilitators. We integrate social impact design with technical environmental management to package human-­nature centered youth and volunteer engagement strategies.

Let us help you get your youth and volunteer engagement strategy sorted.