A connection away #LandcareWeek 2020

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words by Worimi man Josh Gilbert

This landscape is precious, a beating heart for connection to the surrounds. A place to relate and a definer of futures, a constant in this journey of life.

She holds the understanding to tomorrow, storing opportunity through each patch. She is forgiving, mindful of the past and optimistic for the future.

This land is scarred by the truth, traumatised by horror that was committed and holding secrets never to be told. It is the keeper of the concepts of agriculture over time, ripped apart, left to scorch in the sun’s rays and pounded by hooves.

Yet it keeps balance and structure, forever timely and built with a memory.

She is forgiving, healing minds and the past. It is little wonder that cores of soil can now distinguish the time the tall ships came, when finally told through Black eyes.

It’s no surprise that the landscape keeps these memories, holding them dear and transparent of better management. Black lines of firestick farming, captured in the oldest records under foot.

She is comforted by them Old People, who breathe life back into her core, connecting over mutual feelings. But deep down this patience is enshrined in hope yet to be realised. Hope that the wrongs will dance from within the landscape for a chance to heal.

This landscape of home is more than what is defined in a glance. It is a keeper of ceremonies, that cries in the hurtful trauma of the past and of new beginnings.

She shares the benefits of our culture, somehow just a connection away.

Landcare offers a connection away. Happy #LandcareWeek 2020.

Thank you to everyone who is involved in creating what Intrepid Landcare is, and can be! 

Words by Josh Gilbert, a Worimi man, is a founding Board member of Intrepid Landcare and a scholar of Indigenous Agriculture from Charles Sturt University. 

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