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Our #1 feedback from retreats, forums and workshops is always about our co-design sessions! How do we string together multiple Intrepid ideas into 1 idea and make it happen to do stuff that matters? We co-design, everything – even how we co-design…

“A really refreshing perspective, I walked away beautifully inspired” – workshop participant, Sydney 2018


Basically, co-design is a core component of how we connect, inspire and empower young people. We have been thinking, practising, testing our co-design approach, which has provided a process for people in our retreats, forums and workshops to design for wiser action.

Imagine, long lunches after a day of weeding in an endangered rainforest, stargazing after citizen science, to traditional dancing to acknowledge Country during dune care, and surfing and sea spurge action… creating stuff that actually engages people is possible, and can be fun, by co-designing it!

The good news is that we have finally pull together ‘how’ we co-design into a neat downloadable resource to demonstrate the process, as if we were there with you facilitating our Intrepid Way magic.

Check out the resource here!

PS – our co-founder Naomi is flipping with excitement about sharing this resource with you.




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