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Photo: Jayden Gunn

2020 feels inside out, upside down, and all sorts of other crazy events with drought, bushfires, COVID-19 and QLD becoming home to the AFL (I mean really, come on!).

In all seriousness though, this year has taken a huge toll on all of us with our increased mental load, job insecurity, trying to maintain some normality with studying or working online, saying goodbye to overseas adventures, even interstate travel, online dating and brunch dates are still via Zoom. But organising future adventures, being agile, patient and creative has been and will be what get us through what is yet to emerge from the murky waters of 2020. 

Intrepid Landcare is not immune from these ups and downs, most of our work has been cancelled, many local tribes moved online and then started to venture outside, and now some are back in their bedrooms. 

we are reaching out to you, our Tribe, for support. 

Whether you have been involved in Intrepid Landcare for a while or have recently joined or perhaps follow us on the socials to get a taste of adventure, we want to invite you to contribute. We are seeking creative minds, content creators and those with digital skills to help us share compelling narratives that inspire us, others and you! 

We need more inspiring stories in this upside-down world. 

As a national youth-based organisation we must take the time to acknowledge the ups and downs of being young in a complicated world. Reaching out to others has and will get us through the next little bit. We acknowledge the need to pause every now and then to reflect on our needs to be fit, mentally fit, to inspire, connect and empower young people to do stuff that matters. 

What is involved? 

We are seeking a group of about three-to-five people to create content for our blog, socials and newsletter. This might involve 1-5hrs a week depending on your availability. You might also be interested to develop campaigns and drive our communications strategy. 

If you are keen to back us with sharing your skills, give us a hoy – email, msg us on Facebook messenger or call Naomi on 0423 84 64 94.

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