Wild Wellbeing – Rethinking the way we connect with nature, ourselves and landcare

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It’s an exciting time to be Gen Y. There are more opportunities than ever before; we have global reach and communication technologies which, not that long ago, were only part of our dreams. We have information and knowledge at our fingertips and a diversity of career and lifestyle choices which, on a good day, make anything seem possible.

But being a tech-savvy generation living in a high-paced, exciting world can come with a price. Gen Y is also one of the generations suffering from high levels of social isolation, stress and mental health issues. Millenials have been called the ‘anxious generation’ for whom fleeting – or constant – moments of despair, panic or paranoia have become normal.

The suicide rate for young women is the highest it’s been for 20-years, a new study has found. According to Beyond Blue, around one in five Australian women will experience depression and one in three women will experience anxiety during their lifetime. And then there’s loneliness, which is experienced by 60% of young Australians, according to a new study.

But the good news is, there are ways to protect yourself. We don’t have to accept stress, business and exhaustion as unavoidable side-effects of being born into this century. There is growing awareness of the benefits of taking time to invest in yourself, slow down, reconnect and check in on your wellbeing.  

The happiest people in our generation don’t just wake up like that. They consciously create a self-care kit of tools and rituals that enable them to find peace and contentment, even in the craziest life circumstances.   

Which is exactly why we are launching our Wild Wellbeing Workshop in 2018 – a very special Landcare Workshop in collaboration with Amy Molloy, editor of Collective Hub and author of the Hay House book, The World is a Nice Place; how to overcome adversity, joyfully.

As a journalist, Amy has spent a decade uncovering the tools ‘empowered survivors’ use to thrive during life’s challenges. A volunteer herself, she has also found that Landcare has been a powerful tool to add to the kit over the years. Teaming up with our co-founder Megan Rowlatt, these two powerhouse women will be bringing their experience and expertise in nature connection, wellbeing and self-care (mixed with a little Landcare of course!) in this half day workshop being hosted just south of Sydney.

Nature has been shown as an antidote to many mental health issues. And, anyone who has attended an Intrepid Landcare Project knows there’s nothing as mood-boosting as the blend of fresh air, team work and the knowledge you’re giving back to the planet. But, we want to take Landcare to an even deeper level.

By combining conservation work with honest conversations, self-exploration and self-care techniques, we hope our volunteers appreciate the importance of giving back to the earth – whilst also nurturing their inner world.

The workshop will be held at Govinda Valley Retreat on Sunday the 11th of March, 2018.

Interested participants can get the full lowdown about the event here, and book a spot on the workshop here.

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